Lucia Gagliardone (she/her/hers) is Vermont-born choreographer and dance artist. In her work, she deals with themes of healing and community, relationships with the earth and water, disintegration and wholeness, and various iterations of the self. Her work and performance are grounded in modern dance and improvisation, with a fascination for quotidian life as a foundation for choreography. Lucia is interested in storytelling and sees creating dance as a process of empathy.

Lucia has premiered ten original live and film dance works, which have been presented by The Living Room in Portland, Bowdoin College, The Hopkins Center for the Arts, Grange Hall Cultural Center, DanceArtTheater, Next Reflex Dance Collective, Coalescence, and Star Mountain Amphitheater. She performed in works by Katy Pyle, Aretha Aoki, Vanessa Anspaugh, Carol Langstaff and Gwyneth Jones, at Bowdoin College, the School for Contemporary Dance and Thought, and Moving Target. She was a principal dancer for Flock Dance Troupe.

Lucia taught dance at Urbanity Dance Company and founded the Bowdoin Modern Dance Collective, an inclusive movement lab. Her training and work are grounded in modern dance, authentic movement, and improvisation, and she has additional training in contact improvisation, ballet, and zouk. Lucia has a B.A. in Dance and Sociology from Bowdoin College. She lives in Washington, DC, on ancestral Anacostan, Piscataway, and Pamunkey lands.

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