All My Bodies II (2018)

Bowdoin College, Maine

Performance: Lucia Gagliardone

Sound design: Lucia Gagliardone

All My Bodies has two iterations, I and II. In both, the use of visual media plays with texture, sounds from quotidian life, and symbolism. All My Bodies (II) is haunted and accompanied by a projected image of my body, while All My Bodies (I) employs mirrors and projected video. All My Bodies is an autobiographical solo, in which my story is first translated through automatic writing, line drawing, and pedestrian observation into movement. I uncover moments of divergence and disintegration within myself and I yield to my flesh as I confront these coexisting identities. Reflecting in an automatic writing that “I am, at times, terrified of accessing my true story”, I accepted that it was hard to confront the thoughts and memories that came up from intimate explorations of the self. In vulnerability and in the comfort of movement, I integrate my intimate plot lines and find wholeness.

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