All My Bodies I (2017)

Bowdoin College, Maine

Performance: Lucia Gagliardone

Sound design: Lucia Gagliardone

All My Bodies has two iterations, I and II. In both, the use of visual media plays with texture, sounds from quotidian life, and symbolism. All My Bodies (II) is haunted and accompanied by a projected image of my body, while All My Bodies (I) employs mirrors and projected video. During the dance: The breath that washes through my body is electric. Taut, then melting, my bones and muscles play with the gestural and spiraling movement, originally improvised from my daily life. Inhale, exhale, the swoosh of my arms inspires my core to swing to the side, to which she responds by shooting forward, driving my body through space in a glorious sprint and leap. A revolution ensues, my limbs, my organs, my heavy head, and my mountain of mischievously bouncing curls. I take two slow steps forward, sending energy with an arching arm into the core of the earth, grateful for the space to tell my story and for the body I tell it with.  

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